Sink Mounted


Dish Soap Dispenser

  • Automatic sink-mounted dish soap dispenser

  • Top-filling of dish soap

  • Low soap level indicator

  • Low battery buzzer

  • Adapter(model:SD-A6) or battery(model:SD-B6) powered

LED Lights:
Orange – Pumping soap
Flash Orange – Low soap level (5%)

Buzzer – Low battery

Easy Use

Top Fill


37mm or 38mm mounting holes in the sink.

• Place the dispenser body in the sink hole.
• Fix the main body to the sink using a fixed hexagon nut.
• Place the detergent box in the sink and turn it into the adapter to insert it.
• Insert detergent tube and connect sensor cable and power cable.
• Insert the tube holder as shown.
• Put detergent and operate sensor 5~6 times to get detergent.

Installation Video

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